how it happened

In the fall of 2019, I settled into the easy, unscripted rhythm of an empty-nester. I took a break from sports and performing arts photography to finally celebrate some pretty big milestones and simply breathe in the promise of the next chapter. But a few months later the pandemic had other plans and everybody came back home.

And they were hungry.

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There are periods in our lives when we surrender and simply strap on the feed bag. Life can happen harshly and unexpectedly, the resulting stress is relentless, and easy-button bland is what we have to offer. I’ve been there. But my third quarter victory lap was interrupted by a global crisis so I sought refuge, or more accurately, revenge in the kitchen. Don’t think for a second I’m not aware of the privilege and folly that this little blog represents – there are more than a few reasons we should be thankful for every meal, from the bland to the exquisite.

in defense of marginally sexy food, Foodishness 2.1.22

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